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Stay, Feast and Celebrate Fasting Season At The Grand Palace Hotel! 

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Fasting seasons are considered a spiritual discipline in multiple religions. People switch their working routines, meal timings and give up some regular habits during this season. Ramadan and Easter ( Abiy Tsom ) are two of the significant fasting seasons that collide at some point, allowing people following these religions to fast simultaneously. The month of fasting, Ramadan, is one of the essential pillars of Islam. Due to the specific needs of  Muslims during this month, guests require certain additional services and facilities at Hotels to make their stay a comfortable one. On the other hand, Easter Fasting is also considered mandatory for all the seven main fasting seasons. Although these habits were hard to follow up while traveling, most travelers nowadays opt to fast due to the comfortable facilities available, such as multi-faith prayer rooms and specialized meals during the season. If you decide to fast while traveling, don’t forget to pack food with good carbohydrate contents, such as whole-grain bread, to help you store sufficient energy for the trip ahead.


Muslims and Christians will usually continue with their normal day-to-day activities during the fasting season. However, they will also give extra time and effort towards religious activities such as reciting the Holy Book, visiting the mosque or church for prayers, etc., as part of their fasting routine. If you decide to stay at Suites at The Grand Palace this season, you can start your day with a congregational prayer at the nearest mosques like ECA Mosque and Alif Mosque, less than 10 minutes from our hotel.

Our Orthodox guests can take a 10 minutes-walk from our hotel to Saint Urael Church. Our guests can go about their day from dusk to dawn inside our comfortable, presidential-style rooms, either for work or recess. The Grand Palace’s luxury rooms have complete silence that will allow you to practice your regular prayer routines. You can easily place your prayer mats and concentrate well, as our location fits the noise-free days you need during this time of the year. It’s not only about keeping your comfort but also convenience at the end of every fasting day inside our hotel. Our specialized menu for fast-breaking and pre-fasting symbolizes how we would like to introduce both religions to local and foreign guests. It includes our unique cuisines and traditional meals to allow all of our guests to glimpse what our culture feels like. 


At Suites at The Grand Palace Hotel, our staff adjusts schedules around our employees’ routines to make this season favorable for our team. We are more than happy to plan our working environment around their convenience and our guests to make it convenient for them to pray between work hours without any distractions. The staff shares the workload during this fasting month to support our Muslim and Christian colleagues at work. There’s also a space designated to pray and carry out their fasting routines. Our hotel is inclusive of diversity in culture, religion, and related things appropriately.


During the months of fasting, Suites at The Grand Palace will be hosting curated Iftar dinner events for our esteemed clients and patrons to celebrate the holy month with all of us here at the hotel. Similarly, our menu has been tailored to include traditional and international vegan options for our Christian guests at all hours of the day. Whether you are participating in this fast or not, Suites at The Grand Palace invites you all to join us as we celebrate this holy month!  


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