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 Celebrating International Women’s Day at the Grand Palace! 


March 8 is International Women’s Day; a global day spent celebrating all women’s social, cultural, political, and economic achievements. Everyone knows incredible women who have impacted our daily lives — from mothers to teachers to colleagues to friends and more. We are looking into the women who have contributed to the hotel industry and beyond to celebrate the day.


In 2022, 72% of women are expected to take solo travel journeys. It is not surprising that these numbers make up a considerable percentage for traveling in general. The Grand Palace believes in having an impeccable space to normalize solo travel for women in the coming years. It is not just about the physical space of the rooms but also the social space designed for women to have new experiences every day by connecting with people worldwide. Even though the number of women business travelers has increased over the years, safety remains the main concern for women that travel alone. At our hotel, it is necessary to go beyond to understand women’s safety and their terms to provide the services that each woman is comfortable working and relaxing in. Our services are tailored to serve women travelers based on their terms and the hotel’s capacity to accommodate their needs. 


“I believe that my success is an inspiration for other women.” – Bethelhem Hailu, Finance Department Head


In the last decades, there has been a massive hit in the number of women involved in the hospitality industry to generate income and support their households in developing countries. Although the numbers are significant, it is notable that women’s careers in the industry are limited to certain positions compared to men. In Ethiopia, women are appearing bold to own businesses in this industry and are responsible for the overall success rate of the sector in recent years. For instance, The Grand Palace is a woman-owned suites hotel that provides luxury experiences for guests. Our women take up positions in significant departments such as the Marketing and Finance teams. These women are responsible for the exemplary services the hotel offers today. Bethlehem Hailu, the Finance Department Head says I believe that my success is an inspiration for other women.” The Grand Palace is already living the era of utilizing women’s contribution in all positions as they are constantly trained to lead the hotel in the coming years.


“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama 


In the coming years, women’s careers and advancement in the hospitality industry will be highly markable in Ethiopia. The journey of making the sector highly accessible for women to explore all kinds of jobs has already started. In 2021, Travel Ethiopia was the first company to hire women as tour guides to break the ice. The Grand Palace supports the movement by creating a space for women that feels like a sanctuary or a revelry on their terms.

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